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Brian pushes his Ableton software to places even we have never seen before. A course for all levels but a master class in Ableton Live is what you can expect.

Music Production Packages

Although highly in the realm of education, Matrix Sessions is not a school. We consider ourselves as a 1-on-1 service for music producers of all levels.

Matrix 101

3 Months 2x Per Week 2hr Sessions

Clients with little to no experience looking to get an in-depth understanding of digital production capabilities within Ableton. Get comfortable maneuvering through your DAW and start creating track ideas.

Advanced Flow

4 Months 1x Per Week 3hr Sessions

Clients with experience using Ableton (evaluation required) looking to get over those creative blocks and barriers. Tips and techniques that you won’t find on YouTube – plain and simple. Develop a creative workflow where the possibilities are endless.

Matrix Enhanced

4 Months 2x Per Week 2hr Sessions

Advanced Ableton users (evaluation required) who already have complete tracks. In this service, we will take an extensive look into mixing and audio processing, as well as an introduction to mastering. A DIY process that will forever change the way you create and produce music.

Matrix Mix-down

Call for inquires

Clients looking for assistance in the mix-down process of a completed track (evaluation required). This service is offered on a “track-by-track” basis for advanced users only.

Toolroom Academy

This suite of training courses is taught by REAL ARTISTS. We believe that learning from DJs and producers like Mark Knight, Umek, Harry Romero, D.Ramirez (and more) is the best way. With the Toolroom Academy program, you’ll receive the freshest and most-relevant knowledge from artists who share your passion of house, tech house, and techno, and who are still enjoying massive global success.

Mark Night
Harry Romero
D. Ramirez
Eelke Kleijn
Rene Amesz

Training Course Outline – 3 Months

3 days weekly

  • Music Production Mentoring (1-on-1 session in-person)
  • Business, Marketing, Branding (online via Skype with Toolroom HQ)
  • Toolroom Artist Feedback (online via Skype with Toolroom HQ)

Learning objectives

  • Structure, Arrangement & File Management
  • Creative Tactics & Workflow
  • Creative Audio Manipulation & Sound Design
  • Keys & Basslines (Notes, Chords & Scales)
  • Creative Sampling
  • Mixing Techniques (EQ, Compression, Buss, AUX, Harmonic Excitement, Saturation)
  • Vocal: Pre and Post Processing and Mixing
  • DIY Mastering
  • Achieving the Toolroom Sound

Special features

  • Learn from the exclusive ‘Toolroom Tech House’ module, designed in conjunction with Toolroom A&R team and Matrix Sessions LA
  • Free Toolroom Mastering service on your tracks
  • Free Toolroom Sample Packs and Merchandise
  • Weekly Skype mentoring session with Toolroom artists & business team
  • Masterclass ends with filmed A&R feedback on your track
  • Enjoy continued use of Matrix Studios and Toolroom Studios after training is complete

Whether you are just beginning your production journey or looking to take your existing productions to the next level, our mentors will quickly find a customized learning approach that works best for you.

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